What We Offer...
The BEST DEAL for getting your
book manuscript critiqued: 
for the price of one!
Each of us will give you a
separate critique as well as our collaborative thoughts on
your manuscript.
Who We Are...

We are authors just like you who have benefited greatly from the many critiques of our own manuscripts over the years.

We know how valuable they can be and we know that, no matter how far along we are on our writing journey, fresh perspectives from fellow authors can serve to make our writing stronger and enhance our chances for success.

We hope that the advice we offer through

Two-4-One Kid Critiques

will serve you well in your writing endeavors.



What We Critique...
Although we specialize in picture books, we also critique easy readers,
early chapter books, and 
middle grade novels.
However, we welcome other inquiries
and will consider them on a
project by project basis.
    Please see our RATES page for specifics.



"Gloria and Jean immerse themselves in your writing. From the big picture down to the tiniest details, they analyze it all. Their individual and collaborative feedback helped me transform several manuscripts, both fiction and nonfiction, and get them ready to submit. Consulting Gloria and Jean is an essential step in my writing routine."

~Kathleen Bahr, children's writer

"As a published author, I can tell you that critical feedback is just as important to me today as it was when I went to my first conference fourteen years ago and experienced the stressful thrill of a critique.  Now, years later, I am blessed to be in a writing group with Jean and Gloria, who deliver the supportive and insightful comments that move my projects forward.

    "If you'd like to know where your writing stands on the path to publication, what better place to start than with a critique from these two fine authors?"


~Charlie Colman, author, The Bald Eagle's View of American History, Amundsen of the Arctics, and Flaked Out: The Story of Cod and Newfoundland.

"They provided me with a detailed, thorough, constructive critique for my middle grade manuscript. It included some overall general considerations and feedback, as well as specific page by page comments. Their professional guidance was invaluable to help me develop the plot and manuscript to a much higher level. It was well worth the investment. Thank you, Gloria and Jean!" 

~Jenny Kinley, middle grade author

"The critique I received from Two 4 One Kid Critiques was filled with insight, inspiration and motivation.  More than just a review, I was provided information on rhyme and meter (with examples), offered alternatives to think about with my manuscript, encouraged to write more for different venues, and offered valuable insight to the art of publishing!  At the end of my experience, I had a much better manuscript than I ever imagined.  The information I received will be incredibly helpful in future projects.   Their knowledge, honesty, and collective experience proved to be very valuable and much more than I expected.  I have used other critique services that wane in comparison to the information and support I received from Two 4 One.   If you need a new perspective to take you to your next step  -- do it!  I can't thank them enough."


~ Carol Wulff, children's writer

"Two-4-One Kid Critiques is the best value I have found for getting not just one, but two, seasoned writer's opinions about a manuscript. I like that Gloria and Jean first critique each manuscript individually and then after discussing their ideas with each other, write a combined critique. I have had the hardest time in critique groups deciding which suggestions I should implement and which ones I should decline. Gloria and Jean, although they have differing opinions, get together and hash through which elements each of them really thinks will make the manuscript stronger and come to a consensus.  This has been very helpful for me.


Lots of people great ideas and opinions, and I have found that along the way with too much feedback that sometimes my stories lose their original intent and heart.  Recently I sent Two-4-One Kid Critiques two picture book manuscripts that I have worked on for years.  Both of them have received praise for creativity and originality.  One of them was almost acquired, but neither of them have ultimately made the cut.  Gloria and Jean saw right through these manuscripts and could point out the elements I had added in over the years at the advice of others.  They asked WHY those elements were there and ultimately thought they muddied the story and should be removed. I'm looking forward to revising both of these manuscripts and getting them back to the ideas that originally sparked the stories." 

~Stephanie Lyon, children's writer



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