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Author Programs
Two authors, one price: $250.00

Female Presenter

For Kids


      Cricket Salad, Secret Codes, & Other Real Stuff!       We turn the spotlight on nonfiction! Our interactive library program features fun facts and activities based on Jean and Gloria’s books about eating bugs, cracking codes, and more!

Includes a craft! Recommended for ages 8-12.


   Library & Conference Programs

 Traditional vs. Self-Publishing: Which One’s Right for You?

 Join published authors Jean Daigneau and Gloria G. Adams for an   in-depth discussion of the pros and cons of traditional and self-   publishing. Their program includes practical how-to's for navigating   both types of publishing, with time for Q & A.


Polish It Up! A Manuscript Checklist:

There are plenty of things to do before a project is ready to submit to publishers. Honed from their years of writing, reading, and critiquing, freelance editors Jean and Gloria of Two-4-One Kid Critiques host this interactive program intended to share elements that can make a manuscript stronger before submitting.

Contact us to book an in-person program (Northern Ohio):

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